Fermentation monitoring & control.

Dotmatix have developed a new way of monitoring and controlling the fermentation process of beer in breweries. Without putting any extra sensors in the tanks, the Dotmatix system provides users with real time temperature and present gravity readings, which can be viewed anywhere on a tablet or smartphone.

Since you can remotely set the temperature of fermantation vessels, you need not visit your brewery at weekends for example, giving you an appreciable time and cost saving.

Our "Fermentation Monitoring Dashboard" gives clear readings for any number of vats, and our "Brew Diary" system captures all data from a brew graphing it as it comes in. Users can add notes and other information and then create a report which can be kept for future analysis of each individual brew.

Brewing Image

Connected Devices.
Development of new ideas.

We have the skills in-house to develop any idea into a fully fledged IoT product or system.

Dotmatix have developed from the ground up a complete IoT platform with powerful development tools. Our platform and tools give us the capability of developing IoT solutions much quicker thanks to our Dotmatix Connected Device Language (DCDL) and Visual Coding software.

We support various chipsets, and have developed solutions in various different areas. These include: a smart control for an engine rig trainer, a web connected weather station, a swimming pool control system (cover & heating) and even a breathalyser linked to a smart phone.

Contact us to discuss an IoT project or a toolset license.

DCDL Screenshot


Our strength is developing bespoke connected devices, both hardware and firmware (embedded code). We provide web connected devices and we have secure ISM technology for deploying small battery powered edge devices.


We have spent several years developing an extremely powerful IoT platform and suite of tools which allows us to develop IoT solutions in record time. This toolset can be licensed.

What can we do for you?

We can develop a complete enterprise ready IoT system from the ground up, or we can work with you or your Systems Integrator to provide parts of your system.