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What is 'Code Free'?

Dotmatix Connected Device Language (DCDL)

We have created a smart drag and drop online rapid development and deployment tool. Applications can be developed and deployed over the air in minutes.

We (or you) can develop, prototype and complete IoT hardware using sensors and actuators of your choice, and often interface with existing hardware.

Our software builds monitoring and control pages on the fly, and we can offer bespoke pages for control and monitoring/logging if your system needs them.

Our web interface is built on the fly as part of the deployment process, or we (or you) can use our secure API to build a bespoke web, smartphone app or desktop application.

View/download the DCDL White Paper

DCDL Demonstration Video

What we can do?

Provide your team with the fastest IoT development language and tools

We can provide access to our online development tools to allow you to turbocharge your IoT development and cut your development costs and timescales.

Fully test your device code in our Device Emulator before deployment.

Develop your IoT applications

Using our Dotmatix IoT platform, we can design and build your complete solution. As well as rapid software development , we can do rapid hardware prototyping using our own 3D printers and CNC machines. We have electronic design and PCB layout skills in-house and support a range of sensor/actuator interfaces. We can also arrange volume manufacture.

We are happy to assist commercial users and makers to use our firmware and online tools to design their own solutions.

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Hardware, firmware, software

Dotmatix is a complete system of reliable hardware (our own devices and others), firmware which has been developed for reliabilty and security, and software, designed seamlessly to interact with devices allowing for over-the-air updates, control, logging, graphing and a lot more.

At the heart of our hardware communications are Texas Instruments WiFi and ISM modules. These industrial strength chips are proven and well documented.

Our servers are hosted in the Microsoft Cloud offering reliable, high performance and secure service. We can also offer on-site local servers which can synchronise data with the cloud, and run 'off grid' so your system isn't reliant on an ISP.

The platform has a high level of diagnostic and alert functionality built in and can be easily extended to provide bespoke logging or data capture facilities.

Who for?

Industrial and commercial users who want to monitor, log, control, receive alerts from simple or complex systems.

Manufacturers who want to embed high quality IoT capabilities in their existing products.

Researchers, teachers, students who want a a rapid, but secure industrial strength solution without wanting to spend weeks or months writing their own platform.

Makers and hobbyists who want a system which has great flexibility and reliability, but is still low cost.

Who are we?

A small team of experienced software and hardware experts who have spent three years developing a code free approach to IoT development. We are based close to London in the UK.

Real life examples
Brewery control and monitoring system.

We are installing a temperature monitoring and control system for a microbrewery.

Engine rig trainer

We have designed a remote control for sophisticated training rigs. This allows the trainer to control the rig and insert faults remotely using a tablet and provides all the training materials online.

Swimming pool control

This multifunction system controls temperature, logs oil usage, sends an alert when a filter backwash is needed. Smart algorithms can be added to minimise heating costs. This also allows remote control of the automated pool cover.

Weather station

We have built a weather station to demonstrate the use of an ISM slave with multiple sensors. This monitors and logs wind speed and direction, air pressure, humidity, rainfall and brightness.


As a demonstrator we have constructed a simple breathalyser which shows alcohol levels on a smartphone.

Zone control heating

We have installed controllers for domestic heating which control individual radiators. This can reduce heating bills by 30% without reducing comfort.

IoT ideas and what we can do

Hydroponics - Aquaculture - Machine monitoring (heat and vibration) - Flowmeters (water, oil) Retail footfall - Water quality - Air quality - Presence detection - Building monitoring - Building access control - Electric gates - Swimming pool monitoring - Energy usage - Heating - Lighting - Data collection from sensors for research - Process monitoring and control - Second home monitoring